Adventure Sports

These are just some of the many games that can be played on the adventure course, solo or as teams:

  1. High Score - Scoring the most points within a certain length of time.
  2. Lap Bandits - Players score as many points as possible in a predetermined number of laps.
  3. Keep Away - Teams work to get an object from one point to another without losing it to other teams.
  4. Steeple Chase - Packs of individuals race a predetermined course for fastest times.
  5. Flatliners - Move as quickly through the course as possible, collecting as many points without heart rate exceeding a predetermined limit.
  6. Don’t Drop the Baby! - Couples try to move a baby (not real baby) through the course without dropping it while trying to score the most points.
  7. Heroes vs. Villains - Heroes chase down villains for points. Players encouraged to wear costumes (masks, capes, etc.)
  8. Free Run - Entirely STYLE. Spectators assign scores for style and finesse as players free run through the course.
  9. Bombs Away - Spectators in certain areas manipulate parts of the course, including throwing balls at players to deduct points. Players who evade with fewest deductions earn higher scores.
  10. Enduro - As many times around the course within a certain difficulty range.
  11. Light Speed - Fastest time between two points.
  12. Quantum Leap - Score on as many lateral challenges within each module as possible.
  13. Lift All / Climb All - Games whereby players utilize only certain types of challenges (lifting, climbing).
  14. Survivor - In addition to completing a variety of physically demanding challenges, players also need to answer survival-related questions at video screen interfaces along the way. Helps prepare people for upcoming outdoor expeditions as well as unexpected catastrophes.
  15. Baby in a burning building - Players work together and race to extract people or animals (objects) from an emergency simulation (fire, earthquake, plane crash, etc)
  16. Laser Tag - An old familiar favorite.
  17. Capture the flag - Another old familiar favorite.

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