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Parkour in the Park

Check out LIFE Cirque’s philanthropic arm, Parkour in the Park, to see how we’re empowering people and enriching lives.

Parkour in the Park by LIFE Cirque

Parkour in the Park - Documentary Part 1 ( Peter "Parkour" Sladcik)

Parkour in the Park - Documentary Part 2 (Justin D'Avila)

Parkour in the Park - Documnetary Part 3 (John Astorga and son, Ryder)

Parkour in the Park - Documentary Part 4- ( Pain )

Méthode Naturelle

Méthode Naturelle MetNat - Training Session Example City

Parkour & Free Running Friends

The Tapp Brothers will be LIFE Cirque Adventure Course Rangers. Course Rangers oversee the course, teach safety and proper technique, and help motivate players. Sometimes this means giving players a hand. At other times it might mean chasing them through certain sections of the Adventure Course for added fun and excitement.

Quadruple Kong Vault (Bull)

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Parkour in the Park

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