Life Cirque is designed to be an ultra-convenient one-stop lifestyle support center for everyday people.

Products and services will include:

Adventure Games Training
Warm-up, conditioning, and technique classes that improve adventure gaming performance. Taught hourly. Included in the LIFE Player Program.

Team Building
Team building classes that strengthen social bonds and improve adventure gaming performance.
Included in the LIFE Player Program.

Adventure Gaming
Affordable Adventure Games - $4 to $14 per day, depending on the skill level of player.
Better players pay less to play.

Group Classes and Personal Fitness Instruction
Affordable expert fitness instruction.

Weight Loss
A comprehensive “total success” program that satisfies both needs and wants.  
Included in the LIFE Player Program.

Stress Reduction
Relaxation and Meditation classes.
Included in the LIFE Player Program.

Youth Explorers' Society ®
Builds camaraderie, compassion, and cooperation while satisfying the social, physical, and nutritional needs of youth.
The youth equivalent of the LIFE Player Program.

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Relaxation Center
Dedicated to cultivating a safe haven where spiritual seekers can meet and enjoy the company and mutual support of like-minded others. LIFE Cirque will provide spiritual workshops, seminars, and custom facilities for hosting these lively gatherings. LIFE Cirque spiritual centers will also have meditation and relaxation areas for anyone seeking a peaceful quiet place to relax or unwind.

Restaurant and Cafe
Quick, healthy, delicious, portion-appropriate meals at a great price.

Tea House and Lounge
A place for the adventurous to meet like-minded others, enjoy drinks with friends, watch live entertainment, or just relax and people watch.

Adventure Excursion Prep
Wilderness classes for those preparing for a big outdoor adventure, an eco-vacation, or a camping trip. Included in the LIFE Player Program.

Clothing, equipment, supplies, guides, etc. for indoor and outdoor adventurers.

Health Insurance
Cheaper health insurance for active people. Regular participation in the Adventure Games earns discounts and lower premiums from health insurers. Playing the Adventure Games provides the proof that makes this possible.

Health Care
Direct Primary Care – excellent affordable health care, onsite.

Physical Therapy
Healing old injuries and preventing new ones.

Spa Services
Massage, tanning, etc

Corporate Wellness
A simple and cost-effective solution to soaring health insurance costs. The Life Cirque system provides measurable proof of better health, better fitness, better nutrition, and better team-working skills.

Community Development

Reinvestment in communities through Life Cirque philanthropic arm (Parkour in the Park), including developing community fruit and vegetable gardens, opening and operating not-for-profit community centers with teaching facilities, sponsoring youth nature outings that re-introduce children and teenagers to the great outdoors, sponsorship of community health and wellness contests and events such as walks, runs, rides, climbs, and Adventure Games.

Life Cirque is also developing a not-for-profit school version of Life Cirque that will be capable of exercising and de-stressing every student and faculty at least 5 days a week at no cost to students, schools, government, or taxpayers.

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