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LIFE Cirque is a groundbreaking new fitness and live entertainment concept created to be the next evolution of the health club.

Targeting people who are frustrated and bored with health clubs and conventional fitness programs, LIFE Cirque provides an enriching and entertaining atmosphere where everyday people regularly come to play, exercise, socialize, eat, reflect, and connect. LIFE Cirque, therefore, is a total one-stop solution for mind-body-spirit lifestyle support.

LIFE Cirque’s mission is to entertain, empower, and enliven people through physical play, camaraderie, and self-discovery.

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LIFE Cirque also introduces a revolutionary sporting experience designed to make exercise and movement practical and fun for just about everyone – from beginners to experts – and of all ages. This is achieved with the aid of a new set of functional movement based fitness sports which will be played on an indoor obstacle course (Adventure Course) that has been modified to accommodate players of virtually every fitness level. Players learn to skillfully traverse the course using natural methods of movement such as MovNat, Parkour and Methode Naturelle.

One of the objectives of the adventure sports is to shift the exercise paradigm from “boring and tedious” to “fun and exciting.” LIFE Cirques will provide spectators and players with a variety of wildly entertaining sports and entertainment experiences that appeal to the inner child and primal self in everyone, moving people to want to play.

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Parkour in the Park

Check out LIFE Cirque’s philanthropic arm, Parkour in the Park, to see how we’re empowering people and enriching lives.

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